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A Ski Fairy Tale for Kids - Ski School Thoma, Feldberg in the Black Forest

A Ski Fairy Tale for Kids

The Story of the little bunny Hopsy

The Story of the little bunny Hopsy
and how he became a great (Ski-) Bunny

My name is Hopsy. I can already wash all by myself. I already can hide by myself. I already can wiggle my ears by myself. I can also nibble carots all by myself. I already can run really fast and swerve really good.

I am already a large bunny, but my brother Muemmel always keeps saying "Tiny" to me. I am already this old (four years) and Muemmel is this old (six years). I can talk with Muemmel really well. I can tell him everything and call him everything. He eats and nibbles almost the whole day long and as his mouth his nearly always full, he can only nod and wiggle with his ears.

Muemmel eats everything, what looks like carots: Banana, Sausage, cucumbern, thick colouring crayons. Yesterday he bit into a fir cone. Ugh, that did not taste very nice! He is so daft. Then he bit the huntsman's nose. The huntsman was sleeping in the grass. Bit more juicy, but also disgusting. He was really lucky! Father was drumming with his paws onto the ground like mad and shouted: "Teeth off the Huntsman! He shoots Bunnies!" Muemmel in his fright forgot to nibble and chew. I laughed my head off and yelled: "If you carry on eating like this, you'll become a round ball!" Muemmel was peeved and whinged at me: "Fat, as if! This is all muscle." Then he twisted his arms real funny, in a way to show everyone his daft muscles. "You are only envious, because you are so small and puny. You can hide behind a lamp post." This made me really mad.

I started to cry and ran to my Mummy. "Muemmel always makes me angry. He said, that I was small and puny. You can hide behind a lamp post. But I am already such a tall Bunny!" Mama told Muemmel off: "You should stop annoying Hopsy. You are already tall and sensible. Be nice to your little brother. You should get on with each other."

I didn't like the bit about the little brother and that Muemmel is already so tall and sensible at all and I started to cry again.

So i hopped about really sad. Suddenly i came to a large meadow. But it was not at all green and juicy like the ones I knew, but it was all white! iT looked like cotton wool. And it was impossible to walk on it. Boing, I sunk in to my nose.

Well. you know where i ended up, don't you? ?- Exactly, in the snow.

I dared to walk further and further. Muemmel also keeps saying, that I'm terribly curious. And there were lots of people everywhere. From everywhere did they keep whizzing past.

Only about 15 junps of a rabbit away from me i discovered somethign real brilliant: Many colourful figures, poles and a "Magis Carpet", childern were stadning on this and without doing anything the carpet lifted them up. And a rope where the children can hoold on to also gets them onto the hill. And the children were laughing and were cheerful.

I wanted to sneak up slowly, but they discovered me straight away. My heart was thumping for fear. Would they want to catch me?

A girl came close to me: "Hello, my name is Moni and who are you?" I was so frightened, that i started to stutter: "I-i-i a-a-a-m Hopsy." "Fine" said Moni, " come and join in !"

Then I saw that alll the children had strange long things fixed under their shoes. What on earth could this be? They even glided down the hill with it and were laughing at the same time. I was a bit afraid of this, but Moni just took my paw and just dragged me along to the others. A man even took along two of these strange boards. "What are these things for?" I curiously asked. "These are Ski, you use them and you can whiz down the hill really well!" said Milo, that was the name of the man. I was burning to try this and put on the skis quite bravely. But bevor i could whiz along properly, I tumbled right into the snow. Like a huge snowball I rolled down the hill. But it really wasn't that bad. At the bottom i just got up and tried it again. It worked better everytime and in the end it was really fun.

Muemmel can't do this. He will look surprised, when i tell him about this. The day ion the snow with my friends passed far too quickly. When i got home again, I told Muemmel, that I can ski and that I am a large bunny. But he just laughed loud: "You say you can ski? You are far too little for that!" "No!" I shouted "I'll prove it to you!"

The next morning I got up really early and pulled Muemmel's long ears. "Come on you late riser, get up and come out to my friends in the snow." So Muemmel ist dann crawled out of the bed slowly, picked upp a carot and started nibbling. I could hardly wait to whiz across the snow again. Moni and others were also there and my small skis were already ready waiting for me. Muemmel was quite gobsmacked, when he saw, how i already could ski through the gates. He also tried it, but he always rolled down like a huge snowball.

"I told you so" I said, "I can do it although I am smaller than you." "Oh yes" Muemmel gasped, "can't you show me a few tricks, so I can learn it too ?" I was really glad then, that I too could teach Muemmel something, allthough I am the "little One". And then I ski next to him really slowlly, so that he is not afraid. It was a lot of fun for both of us and Muemmel shouted my way: Hopsy, you are really a terrific Ski-Bunny and although zou are my little brother, you are a tall bunny too !"

This really made me full of joy !

The Story of the little bunny Hopsy

You can download and print The Story of the little bunny Hopsy, So that Mun and Dad can read you the story.

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