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History - 75 years - Ski School Thoma, Feldberg in the Black Forest


Winter Sport School Thoma`s "First`s"

History - 75 years Ski School and Snowboard School Thoma, Feldberg in the Black Forest Foundation of the first German Ski school by Albert Thoma which professionally teaches Alpine as well as Nordic Ski Cross Country. During the following 2 Decades persistent establishing of Ski Cross Country as Ski Hiking. Until the idea of State Certified Skiing Instructor Albert Thoma, Cross Country Skis were only used as sheer sports and work equipment to get from one place to the other in the fastest possible time.

Georg Thoma, the first European and later Cross County School Principal, to win the Olympic Gold in Nordic Combination.

Ottmar Thoma, State Certified Skiing Instructor and son of Albert Thoma pushes his idea to own Ski lifts together with his brothers, whcih later were top become the first floodlight ski lifts in the Black Forest.

The Ski School Thoma pushes first the cross country movement during the 70s LLL –Langläufer leben länger (Cross Country Skiers live longer) in the Black Forest.

Son of Ottmar Thoma, Gundolf Thoma who is successful member of the alpine national team in the 80s ( among others German Youth Champion, Winner of 13 int. FIS Races, 2x 4th Place at the CISM –World Championship) being the first German to win a RS –Parallel Slalom of the WorldPro –Ski Association and is most successful German in the 30 year history of the Pro Races in USA and Japan.

Gundolf Thoma is first German as socalles Ski –Demonstrator with his own Skiing Programme on Japanese TV. Until 1993 Thoma could be viewed with skiing artistry for over 40 hours! in Pay –TV.

The Winter Sport School Thoma opens the first Snowboard Funpark of the Black Forestin Hinterzarten under introducing the "first Snowboard lift of Europe" –presented by the then TV Station SWF 3.

The Winter Sport School Thoma opens the first Snowboard Testcenter of the Black Forest on the Feldberg with great suppport of the market leader "Burton –Snowboards" and during the show race Snowboarder versus Skiers for the first time he takes a radio sender with him on the "Highest" which provides a brilliant Party.

The Winter Sport School Thoma for the first time installes a Snowboard –Fun Park on the Feldberg.

Gundolf Thoma drafts as first German the alpine competion form of "Carving" (No sticks and around buoys instead of poles and also jumps)

The first Carving-Skiing Race of Germany is hosted by the Winter Sport School Thoma on the Feldberg and with the SWF-3 Apres-Fest establishes the Party Mood on the Feldberg.

Gundolf Thoma, as member of the FIS Carving Cup Commitees, he takes the first official FIS -Race to the Feldberg-Seebuck.

Gundolf Thoma drafts the learning concept "Ski in a day-Learning to Ski in a day" which enables skiing students within about 4 hours to go down the Seebuck securely in simple parallel swings. Supported by the skiing school partner C&A (Crosspromotion) "Ski in a day" becomes a nationwide success.

The Winter Sport School Thoma are first to invite the event "Kids on Snow" of the DSLV to the Black Forest. Furthermore the school are the first in Germany to operate a Bungy Trampoline Facility during the winter.

Gundolf Thoma initiates the first "Ski-Kinderland" (Children's Paradise) with conveyor band Magic Carpet,Ski karussell, rope lifts etc. in the Black Forest and also operates these together with his partners Trixi Klee of the Ski School Feldberg and Ingo Baumann of the Snowboarding School Schneebrett.

Together with his partner Thomas Banhardt, the owner of the 'Feldberger Hof', Gundolf Thoma for the first time gets a long-standing Partnership on its way with the 'Europa Park' which is strongly supported by the Lift Association Feldberg as well as the Town Community Feldberg.

Gundolf Thoma founds the new company Agency Snowsport Thoma Feldberg located in Feldberg Town. This new school is increasingly among others aimed at older children and young people who can already ski and want to discover the tremendous area around the Grafenmatt with Zeller and Fahlerlifts. For the first time a Fischer- Rentals & Testcenter is opened.

Gundolf Thoma together with Thomas Banhardt - owner of the 'Feldberger Hof', and several other investors builds a new building directly at the Feldbergbahn.(Opening November 2005) This Center accomodates a Gourmet- Restaurant,- Fast Restaurant,- a Bistro Pub, the Wintersport School Thoma with Rentals & Service Center as well as 10 Holiday Apartments and a Sports Shop. Furthermore a "Race-Academy" is added to the Wintersport School, where our regular children who can ski already well can get a taste of racing sports atmosphere.

Dein Winter, dein Sport - natürlich am Feldberg im Schwarzwald

Otmar Thoma
Skiprofi Gundolf Thoma
Gundolf and Lissy Thoma
Presentation ceremony with Skiprofi Gundolf Thoma in Japan
Gundolf Thoma and Ingemar Stenmark

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